Provide healthcare consumers with personalised and engaging communications using SMS Landing Pages

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A recent global survey revealed that healthcare consumers are looking for the same kind of personalised, connected and digitised experience they get in the retail sector.

Yet only 40% of consumers said the communication they receive from the healthcare and life science industries feels relevant to them, and a whopping 47% of consumers believe that healthcare and life sciences are more focused on industry needs than patients’ needs. Similarly, while multichannel and real-time engagements with companies have been pioneered in retail, this doesn’t exclude consumers from wanting the same experience in healthcare.

69% of consumers said that it was important to offer SMS or text communications, and 55% valued live chats or instant messaging; young consumers value these communications channels even higher, indicating how communication in the healthcare industry may evolve.SMS, with its 94% open rate, has proven to be effective in many ways for the healthcare sectors, especially in reducing missed appointments and improving staff efficiency.

New telecommunication technologies are going to give the healthcare sector even more flexibility in engaging consumers using SMS. SMS Landing Pages for instance, enable providers to have richer and more engaging conversations with consumers.

By including things like images, brand logo and colours, personalised content and call-to-action buttons, healthcare providers can send detailed information and prompt consumers to take different actions for a more interactive patient journey; all the while being able to track the delivery and engagement status. 

SMS Landing Pages can be used for delivering appointment reminders, maps to locations, links to appointment booking platforms or test results. Here we’ve put together an infographic that outlines the best practices for healthcare provides when using SMS Landing Pages to help you achieve the best results.

If you’d like to engage healthcare consumers with real-time and personalised communications channels they demand today, please get in touch at 1300 764 946 or [email protected]. We’d be delighted to help you take the lead. Illustration on how SMS Landing Pages can help healthcare providers

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Prachi Bametha

Marketing Coordinator, Esendex Australia