Sending letters and documents in a secure and cost-effective way via mobile

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Recent research revealed that 72% of consumers have encountered problems when completing a transaction due to paper-based processes. While it’s a common belief that the older generation prefers physical letters when doing business, almost half of those over 65 surveyed feel that paper slows down their interactions and introduces friction into key processes.Yet the formality of a paper-based document could be difficult to replace by SMS or email, especially for important documentation like contracts.  If your business is looking for an alternative to slow and costly paper-based communications, but want something that still provides security, confidentiality and formality, then Secure Document Download may just be what you are looking for. Secure Document Download is a new feature we’ve added to our Mobile Journeys solution. It enables businesses to deliver documents by sending the recipient an SMS or email with a link to download a personalised PDF document securely.

How does Secure Document Download work?

An illustration on how the Secure Download Feature workThe set up of Secure Document Download is quite simple. Once the business has identified what document they would like to deliver using the Mobile Journey, all they need to do is to provide us with a template. It can be a letter, contract, policy summary, notification or any similar formal documentation. The template will have a set of variable data fields like customer name, address, renewal price etc. that is specific to each customer. This personal information can also be collected in an earlier stage of the same Mobile Journey.Now, as the sender, you can decide what kind of process you would like the recipients to go through before they can download the document. You can set up security questions for identity verification, or require the recipients to fill out as much variable data as you’d like. Once you are happy with the Mobile Journey, you can deliver it as a web link via SMS or email. When customers click on the link, they will see a set of mobile-first web pages, where they will be asked to verify their identity, and finally be directed to download the PDF document. This combines the original template with the variable data set to become a personalised document that is unique and specific to them.   

What are the benefits of using Secure Document Download?

There are many benefits for businesses and organisations to deliver documents via the Secure Document Download feature. The most significant one would be the speed of delivery. Compared to the days it can take with the postal service, documentation sent via Mobile Journey can be delivered instantly. The recipients can also access the link via their mobile device at any time and place that suits them best, aiding convenience. As the sender you can also track if the recipients have accessed the link, providing you more insight on delivery status than a paper-based process.  The cost associated with sending physical letters can also be massively reduced. Not only does the sender save on postage and paper costs, there’s also the labour cost involved with sorting out the letters. All this money and time could be saved as you replace the delivery process with a Mobile Journey, where each and every step along the way would be automated.       

How can businesses use the Secure Document Download feature?

An example of how businesses could use the Secure Download Feature Any business wishing to send formal and/or confidential documents containing personal information in a secure, cost-effective and efficient way would benefit from the SecureDocument Download feature. Below are some examples:Insurance companies can compile and deliver personalised policies instead of sending reams of expensive paper documents.  Healthcare providers can deliver test results directly to patients in a much faster and secure environment. For local councils, sending council rates statements via Secure Document Download rather than via physical letter could save tens of thousands of dollars. Debt collection agencies can use this feature to quickly and easily verify customers’ identities and deliver sensitive financial documents, all within the Mobile Journey.  Real estate agencies can issue important property contracts and other documentation to their buyers and sellers instantly compared to the days of delay with the postal service. If you’d like to know more about the Secure Document Download feature, or how your business or organisation can benefit from this feature, please get in touch at 1300 764 946.

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Prachi Bametha

Marketing Coordinator, Esendex Australia