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Topic: Uses of SMS

A man entering credit card details on keyboardFundraising plays an important role in achieving the goals of many charity organisations, but it can also present a challenge. One medium that can help boost fundraising success is SMS, because it’s easy to use and provides simple and quick access to huge mobile audiences.

Here’s how:

1. Build a mobile database:

If you haven’t already done this, it’s the first step to using SMS as a tool for fundraising. You can’t encourage people to actively make a difference if you can’t directly contact them. Provide a way for people to opt-in to receive SMS updates on your website, at events, in stores, and anywhere else you can. To encourage more people to leave their contact details, you may want to provide an incentive such as the opportunity to go into the draw to win a prize.

2. Grow awareness and involvement:

Once you have the contact details of your audience, start sending SMS to increase their awareness and overall involvement with your cause. Send an SMS out to your database to let them know about events, updates and changes in the cause, as well as tips on what they can do to get more involved. Including a call to action (for example ‘Text “homeless” to 0416906492 to learn more’) is also a great way to gauge people’s interest.

3. Boost donations:

Once you have your audience captivated and invested in your cause, it’s time to show them how to donate. Sending an SMS with instructions as to where they can donate, as well as information about what will be achieved with the funds raised is a great way to galvanise people. Including a direct link to where they can donate online is also a good idea, because so many Australians now have smartphone access.

4. Maintain relationships:

Unless one campaign solves the whole problem, you will probably need donations in the future. This means it’s important to keep those people who helped raise funds involved long-term. Send a thank you SMS to express your gratitude, and inform them with SMS updates as to what progress is being made with the funds they helped raise.

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Prachi Bametha

Marketing Coordinator, Esendex Australia