Stopping crime with a text message

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Crime Stoppers is a well-known service that lets people anonymously report any information they may have relating to a crime, in order to assist the police.In the US, they’ve expanded the capabilities of the service to allow people to report their information via text message, as well as the standard online and phone calling methods.They’ve achieved this using TipSoft, a service that allows users to anonymously submit crime-related tips through the internet or text messaging, according to the Morganton Department of Public Safety (MDPS).14809083650_3b48aa86ab_z“In this day and age, everyone has a cellphone in their hands,” said Joe Blumetti, MDPS Capt. “It was just time for us to get with the sign of the times and allow anonymous texting.”A key feature of the app and text messaging option is that officials can text back while still keeping the sender anonymous.It’s not the first instance of Crime Stoppers implementing a means of allowing people with information to come forward via SMS, other parts of the US offer similar options.Here in Australia, Crime Stoppers operates in every state. We have the traditional option of calling in, reporting information online or downloading the Crime Stoppers app. However, we could benefit from text messaging options as well.Introducing a text message option would make it easier for citizens to report any helpful information they may have. Using a familiar and simple medium that they have access to 24/7, even if they don’t have a smartphone.If you think Crime Stoppers in Australia should introduce SMS reporting, leave a comment below!

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