Text messaging is still important in an age of social media

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lewisSMS is making waves in social media news this week. Popular social networks are relying on the trusted medium to unleash new features and increase monthly active user tallies.fb iconFacebookIt’s become a social courtesy to wish friends a happy birthday on Facebook. This is already simple enough given Facebook notifications let you know when it’s your friend’s birthday.However, Facebook now has a feature that makes sending a birthday message even easier; SMS.  You can opt-in to receive a text message informing you of whose birthday it is every day and simply reply “1” in order to automatically post “Happy birthday!” on their Facebook wall.Sure, there’s been questions raised as to the detracted value of sending birthday wishes when they are so easy and automated that they require no real thought. After all, if the classic expression “it’s the thought that counts” is anything to go by, then wishing someone happy birthday this way doesn’t count for much.Nonetheless, because 98% of text messages are opened, sending the message through SMS is the most sure way for Facebook to guarantee that you’ll never miss another friend’s birthday. Even if you don’t take up their offer of auto posting, it’s a great way to send yourself a simple reminder.twitterTwitterMeanwhile, according to recent reports, Twitter has exceeded revenue expectations following the inclusion of SMS only users in the monthly active user (MAU) tally. They announced the plan a while ago to include SMS users, and it seems to have paid off as they expected.The company had recently reported 304 million MAU,  a growth of only 2 million since the first quarter. By changing the definition of active users to include those who sign in only via SMS (usually those in the developing world), it now has 316 million MAUs.This solid growth in monthly users has strongly contributed to the advertising and investor value of the business, and may be a key factor in the revenue boost.So, what does all this say about SMS in an age of social media? It’s still extremely relevant in communication, and social networks are recognising this and using it to their advantage.If your business would like to do the same, we can help! Give us a call on 1300 764 946 to talk about how you could work SMS into your business strategy, or take a free trial today!

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