The top 3 ways that retailers can use WhatsApp for business

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Australia’s e-commerce market is projected to reach $91.5 billion in 2025. (Global Data). Consumers demand seamless customer experiences and Customer Journey mapping is a necessity to ensure retail businesses stay afloat.

Let’s talk about Customer Touchpoints

  • Talk to your customers where they already are. Australians aren’t emailing their friends every day, they are chatting with them over WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram chat. With over ten million active WhatsApp accounts in Australia, it’s fair to say WhatsApp matters.
  • Automation of customer service processes. WhatsApp is your tool to automate and digitalise repetitive tasks. Via WhatsApp, bots or live agents can handle tasks such as answering frequently asked questions or facilitating returns. Process automation saves time and money while creating a seamless process for customers.
  • Experience matters. Both in terms of running a successful marketing campaign, and also providing class-leading customer service. Experience-Driven businesses see over 1.5x higher YoY growth than other companies in customer retention, repeat purchase rates, and customer lifetime value. (Forrester and Adobe)

Why is WhatsApp important to the retail world?

  • Retail customers want to engage via WhatsApp. 67% of mobile messaging app users said they expect to use chat more for communicating with businesses over the next two years
  • Customers are more likely to shop with a business offering WhatsApp touchpoints. 53% of respondents say they’re more likely to shop with a business they can message directly
  • Ability to send rich branded messages. Work with Esendex to send product images, custom Call-To-Actions, videos and other rich communication
  • Consumers want real answers in their time. A combination of a FAQ bot and human integration can ensure that your organisation can answer important questions when your customers are shopping.

Great ways for retailers to use WhatsApp

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  1. Sending personalised marketing content
    WhatsApp empowers businesses to create a personalised experience for their customers built on machine learning and human integration. Retailers can quickly see what resonates with a consumer and alter it fittingly.
  2. Two-way conversations with customer service teams
    Consumers can ask the questions that are blocking their sales and retailers can use the WhatsApp channel to provide upsell opportunities that would usually be missed online.
  3. Keep consumers informed with delivery or pick-up-collect updates
    Letting your customers know quickly about delivery hiccups or when an order is available earlier means fewer complaints. While an email can be missed or lost in a sea of noise, a WhatsApp message is organised and cuts through. There are also mobile rich options to create an interactive experience that allows changes and the answers to questions consumers need quickly.

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