What is WhatsApp Business Platform and how can it boost your customer loyalty and retention?

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WhatsApp Business Platform takes customer experience to the next level. On the world’s most popular messaging app, you can strengthen customer relationships, which will improve their loyalty, and make them come back time and time again. 

But how exactly does it do this? 

WhatsApp: The platform your customers already know and love

With more than two billion people around the globe already using the app, the WhatsApp Business Platform is a powerful way to engage with your audience on their preferred channel. 

In fact, 57% of consumers want to talk to human beings rather than engaging with a chatbot. This highlights the importance of two-way conversations that feel authentic through messaging apps. Being readily available on WhatsApp will make customers more likely to contact you, which in turn will boost engagement and conversion rates. 

Delivering a truly personalised experience 

With the WhatsApp Business Platform, there’s no risk of your emails gathering dust in an inbox or spam folder. Your message instantly arrives on the device your customer checks at least 58 times per day! 

Not only this, but with the WhatsApp Business Platform, your messages can be truly personalised to capture your customers attention and build their trust. This is because the platform can integrate with your CRM system and analytics software, giving you easy access to all the customer data you need to personalise their experience. 

Yes, you can call your customer by their first name, but with easy access to key data, your business can go above and beyond to surprise and make customers feel truly special. For example, agents can look back on purchase history, or check out website/app browsing behaviour and recommend similar products. This all leads to an impressive and bespoke customer experience.

Customers will appreciate the time and effort, which in turn, will not only help drive sales but see previously one-time customers turn into staunch brand supporters.

Conversing at a pace that suits your business and customer 

Having a natural, two-way conversation on WhatsApp allows for better customer engagement by putting the power in the customer’s hand. Customers can start a chat, pause when they need to and return when ready, without the thread and context disappearing. 

This form of asynchronous communication can also save time, both for your customers and agents. Gone are the days of customers repeating previous queries, and agents having to look back on previous tickets. All the information they need is stored in one continuous, flowing conversation. 

Along with this, the WhatsApp Business Platform allows you to automate common requests. As a result, answers to customer queries can be sent quickly. And what’s better than super speedy customer service? 

So, this is a positive experience for both customer and agent, and provides a professional, easy buying journey that will help increase customer loyalty. 

With WhatsApp Business, the possibilities are endless!

The WhatsApp Business Platform was designed so customers can connect with businesses in the same way they connect with their friends and family. You can find out everything you need to know about the WhatsApp Business Platform here, but to put it simply, the WhatsApp Business Platform is a way to supply rich, personalised and engaging conversations via WhatsApp, in a simple and secure way. This form of conversational messaging helps boost the customer experience and improves customer loyalty and retention rates.  

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Jonathan Walsh