Connecting with candidates more effectively, for Law Staff Legal Recruitment

Who are Law Staff Legal Recruitment?

Started in 2002, Law Staff Legal Recruitment are one of the UK’s leading legal recruitment agencies. Having built a reputation to provide outstanding levels of service to both recruiters and candidates alike, Law Staff Legal Recruitment cater for every level of requirement.

Law Staff Legal Recruitment have a client base ranging from the smallest of niche practices to regional heavyweights including the top tier ‘magic circle’ firms.

By priding themselves on being a flexible, proactive recruitment agency who embrace the latest technologies to connect with clients, they continue to deliver an industry leading level of service to their customers.

The challenge faced by Law Staff Legal Recruitment

As a leader in their market, Law Staff Legal Recruitment continually need to find new and engaging ways to connect with candidates, regarding new vacancies in order to stay ahead of the competition.

As a mobile-focused communication channel with a high engagement rate, Law Staff Legal Recruitment found that SMS was a great way to connect with candidates. However, they felt it lacked the ability to include the visual and interactive elements required to catch their audience’s attention as effectively as possible.

As the business continues to grow, reducing their cost to serve candidates for larger campaigns was also a major consideration.

What were Law Staff Legal Recruitment looking for?

Law Staff Legal Recruitment were searching for a solution where the primary application would be to send richer, more eye-catching vacancy notifications to candidates, which could include the branding of the recruiting legal practice and any other visual elements needed.

The solution should also be user-friendly, with the ability to link back to the website for a more comprehensive level of information, where required.

“45% of our referral candidates are now credited to the SMS Landing Pages. This has given our campaigns a huge boost.”


How was this achieved?

After partnering with Esendex, Law Staff Legal Recruitment decided to employ the new Esendex SMS Landing Page platform, Messaging Studio.

The way it works is easy. The recipient receives a tailored SMS, which links to a landing page containing detailed information about the role, their logo, colours and imagery. After selecting the link the SMS Landing Page opens up where the recipient can choose to make an application for the position.

By using the new SMS Landing Page product, Law Staff Legal Recruitment were able to send a far more attractive and engaging message, which contains a strong call to action and encourages candidates to make an application.

By utilising the Messaging Studio platform, Law Staff Legal Recruitment are also making themselves ready for rich, multichannel communications which will be able to include communications using the new RCS channel.

What are the benefits to Law Staff Legal Recruitment?

“We’re thrilled with the results of our new SMS Landing Page campaigns. Not only have we seen a much better response from our candidates, but setting up the landing pages for our staff to use has been extremely easy too!

We’ve seen a big increase in our website visits too as a result. In fact, in the last 30 days the Esendex SMS Landing Pages have been our top referral source. 45% of our referral candidates are now credited to the SMS Landing Pages”.

Kathie Croskell, Marketing Executive, Law Staff Legal Recruitment

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