Esendex SMS & Zapier Integration

Instant connections to 1,300s of applications

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The Esendex and Zapier integration allows you to send SMS from your favourite application or software in minutes without the need of any coding or development skills.

Streamline your processes with Esendex & Zapier

Zapier connects 1300’s of applications to Esendex’s API enabling you to send automated SMS easily. If the application or software you currently use isn’t listed below, don’t worry! Chances are it’s already on Zapier’s app list.

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Zapier and Esendex SMS

We’ve created templates for some of the most popular Zapier SMS integrations to get you started. Or you can simply create your own following our integration guide.

Magento 2.X and Esendex SMS

Set up automated & personalised SMS alerts when new orders, new invoices or shipments occur in your Magento or Magento 2.X stores without a developer or requirement for coding skills.

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Salesforce and Esendex SMS

Use Zapier to automate SMS sending from your existing Salesforce account. Send automated SMS to your sales teams when new leads, customers, opportunities and contacts are created or communicate with the contact.

Shopify and Esendex SMS

Improve efficiency and become more agile by using SMS with Shopify. Send SMS triggers whenever new orders are paid for or a delivery is required to speed up the process.

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Find out more about how Zapier can help you send SMS from 1,300+ apps

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