5 awesome ways retailers should use SMS

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  1. 6001606622_8d319333a3_zInternal communication

The value of sending SMS as an internal communication channel for retailers of all sizes, is often overlooked. The high open and read rates of SMS make it one of the most reliable and efficient ways to communicate to all staff members. Whether that be updating staff on recent changes or for more day to day functions such as staff rosters or shift filling. In particular, filling shifts when staff members are sick, becomes a walk in the park. As soon as a shift becomes available, instead of having to call around looking for cover, send out a simple SMS to all staff and the shift will be filled within minutes.

  1. SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is fast becoming a staple in a retailer’s marketing arsenal. It presents the most direct means of informing customers of the latest deals, promotions and information. Again, due to the extremely high open rates, 98%, almost every recipient is likely to see your offer.The personal nature of an SMS is also perfect for developing your customer relationships; making your brand more personable to your customers.Another great advantage of SMS is that it can be timed perfectly. Your customers will read the message as soon as they receive it, so if they are likely to be out shopping already, you can drive more customers into your stores.

  1. Online order confirmation & delivery updates

Many Australian retailers have extended their businesses online. Online shopping is really popular for lots of reasons, including convenience, broader ranges of products and the potential for quick comparisons and better deals.The draw backs of online shopping lie in the waiting process. It can be frustrating for customers if they don’t know when to expect their purchase. Customers can become anxious if the product doesn’t arrive as promised. Especially so if there is a timely need for the product. They may wonder if it may have become lost or that they might have missed the delivery, thus resulting in calls being made to your stores or customer service. Retailers can combat this with SMS; by sending a confirmation message and delivery updates throughout the delivery process customers are less likely to call you looking for answers.

  1. Product recalls

With SMS having such an impressive open rate, the best and most effective means to recall a product is through SMS. If the product is found to be dangerous or could cause negative press, it’s best to make sure you recall all products before a media disaster.

  1. Customer feedback to improve customer service

Sending out an SMS survey to customers who have recently purchased from you is a convenient means of seeking feedback. It is as quick and easy for them as it is for you. SMS surveys will help your business gage an understanding of the level of service you’re providing, and can help foster ideas of how it could be improved.

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