Introducing location buttons on SMS Landing Pages

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SMS Landing Pages enable users to send personalised web pages with visually appealing images, company logos, brand colours and call-to-action buttons to direct recipients to complete the required actions or enable them to seek further information. We’ve recently released a new call-to-action button – the location button. When recipients click on location buttons, they will be directed to Google Maps with your predefined location tagged, and be able to get directions on how to get there, check traffic status and public transportation options.    

Using SMS Landing Page for appointment reminder with location button

How to set up location buttons

Log in to Messaging Studio and choose the “Graphics, text and buttons” template to create an SMS Landing Page like you would normally do. At the bottom of the blocks you will see the 3 different types of call-to-action buttons – link, calendar and location. 

Choose the location button and you’ll be able to set up all the different properties here.

The display text is what the button will appear. The Label enables you to name the location you pinpointed as it appears on the map. Then you can set the exact location by specifying the latitude and longitude.

How to set up location button in Messaging Studio

Like other content on the SMS Landing Pages, you get to personalise the location button as well if needed. It can be done either via a spreadsheet with each location specific to each recipient; or done via an API integration where the location information can be pulled from an existing system enabling personalised information to be delivered. 

And as with other call-to-action buttons, you can set up the font size and colours of the location button to match the design of your page. 

How can the location buttons be utilised? 

Change of business address

One of the most obvious use cases for location buttons is of course when your business is moving or has a new or additional addresses. By putting a location button in you can rest assured that your customers will get directed to your doorstep. 

Specific buildings or locations

For businesses or organisations that have multiple buildings or complexes like hospitals or universities, sometimes it can be confusing for visitors to know exactly where to go. With location buttons, the exact location can be pinpointed to direct the visitors to where they need to go effortlessly. 

Off site meeting points

For real estate agencies or travel agencies, location buttons can be useful when organising property viewings or pick-up and drop-off points to ensure that customers are well informed as to where to meet. 

Personalised recommendations

For retailers, restaurants or indeed any business or organisation that has multiple branches or locations, the ability to set a variable location can be very handy here. It can be used for recommending the closest branch to the customers according to their postcode, or deliver promotional messages that are only available at a certain location.    

If you are interested to know more about the location button and how your business could make use of this feature, please get in touch at [email protected] or 1300 764 946. We’d be happy to assist you. 

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