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Everyone knows that mobile phones are a key part of ensuring effective personal communication around the world. Andrew Jacobs, General Manager of the mobile media consultant Snakk Media, has given a number of tips and insights regarding the mobile-side of business communication that every company should consider.When it comes to presence and communication, the first piece of advice that Jacobs offers is to ‘think in terms of screen’. With smartphones, computers, tablets and new tech devices being launched in the market every year, he points out that what really matters in business communication with clients is to deliver the best experience via these screens.“Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are rapidly becoming our preferred screens for internet access, and while the computer is far from dead, leading brands will be focusing on mobile first and scaling up from there,” he says.“By considering the most accessible devices first, you can do away with unnecessary design and refocus on the changing demands of a more mobile consumer,” he added.Mobile communication needs a different approachAnother factor to keep in mind is that each of those ‘screens’ needs to be treated differently.In the specific case of mobile communication, Jacobs says that those need to be approached differently than other devices due to the unique characteristics involved.Mobile phones have a smaller screen, which requires the message to be shorter and accordingly adapted. Any business that relies on mobile communication must keep in mind further mobile tools, such as touch screens, that can bring users an additional positive experience by improving interaction.Andrew Jacobs also encourages businesses to make the most of each of the smartphones features, including SMS or location awareness via GPS.Finally, the mobile media consultant manager advises businesses and entrepreneurs to set mobile search and display as their starting goals.“Global research has found that more people notice and click on mobile ads than traditional desktop ads. They make consumers five times more likely to want to buy products than desktop ads, and four times as likely to favour your brand,” added Jacob.

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