Who is Santa’s little helper this Christmas? – infographic

Topic: Communication, Uses of SMS

Esendex SMS is Santa's little helperIt’s not just elves and reindeer that will be helping Santa this Christmas. SMS is playing its part in helping to ease the pressures in the lead up to, over and after the festive period. While rushing around getting presents may be a priority for most of us, in the background, many businesses like yours will need to make sure that the cogs keep turning. Shift and overtime management, out of stock and product alerts, this kind of activity all contributes to making sure your customers enjoy the best service so that they’re happy. And happy customers are likely to turn into the most loyal ones.

526 million children will be expecting a gift from Santa Claus this year, and that figure doesn’t include Mums, Dads, friends and the odd acquaintance – your business will likely play a part in these purchases whether in making these gifts, selling them or ensuring they get delivered on time. But how can SMS help you?

98% of text messages are read…At Esendex we’ve been working closely with Santa Claus to build a communication solution that uses a combination of bulk SMS, SMS via our API and Mobile Journeys. This not only enhances internal communication for shifts, elf and safety and critical alerts but also adopts our SMS Surveys solution to gather feedback from gift recipients to help make further improvements to Santa’s service in the following year. Take a look at our latest infographic, and remember: SMS is not just for Christmas, but the whole year!

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