3 reasons why you (and your customers) need SMS marketing

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With 80% of people now using text messages for business, SMS marketing is the perfect way to deliver instant and effective communication to your customers. It’s good for your reputation too – 77% of consumers said that they think more highly of businesses that use SMS

So what is it about SMS that we all love so much? 

1. Simplicity

Text messages allow you to get straight to the point. You can communicate in a quick, simple way that’s easy to read and to act upon. Customers don’t want to scroll through a lengthy email and with SMS they don’t need to. 

SMS is a great way to deliver your key messages to the right person at the right time – whether that’s a big sale announcement or a ‘back in stock’ alert. 

2. Interaction

SMS is great for two-way conversation. As well as helping businesses to build stronger customer relationships, text allows consumers to respond too. This level of interaction feels normal because it’s how we are all used to communicating with family and friends. 

Knowing that businesses can be contacted immediately with queries or problems gives customers more confidence and peace of mind. SMS can also be used very successfully for surveys, polls and competitions – which are all great ways to strengthen engagement and drive increased revenue. 

3. Convenience

Currently, 7.26 billion people worldwide own a mobile phone. That’s 91.08% of the global population. Research has found that the average open rate for an SMS message sits as high as 98% and that 90% of text messages are read within 90 seconds of delivery. 

This makes sending marketing communications via SMS both targeted and effective. 

The mobile market continues to grow

The Mobile Economy 2022 report highlights how rapidly the global population is adapting to the mobile world, and how ‘subscriber growth continues as mobile’s contribution to the global economy grows’. 

The report goes on to state that ‘by the end of 2021, 5.3 billion people will be subscribed to mobile services, representing 67% of the global population’, and that ‘over the period to 2025, there will be an additional 400 million new mobile subscribers, most of them from Asia Pacific, taking the total number of subscribers to 5.7 billion (70% of the global population)’.

So if you’re not using SMS marketing already, this is a great time to experiment and get started.

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Prachi Bametha

Marketing Coordinator, Esendex Australia